The medical cannabis industry is booming and within just a couple of years, it has turned from an ordinary industry into a billion-dollar industry.  Today, a large number of people are looking to become a part of this industry, but unfortunately, not everyone is going to find success with it.

Dispensary business permits Dispensary business permitsOne thing that most prospective business owners are thinking is “who can apply for dispensary business permits?   A marijuana business is nothing like a regular business and there are restrictions as to who can apply for dispensary business permits. The government and law enforcement bodies aim to keep this industry heavily regulated.  Although marijuana has been legalized in many states, the number of businesses that can be set up is limited.  The exact number varies from state to state.

You cannot apply for a business permit if you have been convicted of a marijuana felony in the past.   It is important that you have a clean record and only then your application will be considered.  Another thing is that you must be financially stable to operate such a business. You must have a suitable location to establish your business and you must have good relationships with your community as well.